Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

58. Blue Heron

For the first time, I used selective color to boost the heron's beak and the tree's leaves.  I also sharpened the image some, making his eye more in focus.


57. Conversing

To make this photograph more dramatic, I created a new layer, filled it with black and erased the unneeded background.  You can see the bottom line of the photograph where the original color remains. A classic example of me needing to zoom out, ensuring I process the entire area.

56. Tiled Painting

55. Smiley Face

Using the same set of photos I took a few Thanksgivings ago in #54, I combined two images, duplicated the wooden posts and erased revealing the red leaves beneath.

54. Peeping Tom

I combined two images to make both images more interesting.

The originals: