Thursday, January 19, 2012

18. Clone Stamp

Fascinated by the paranormal and often trying to create "spooky" in my images, either with crime scenes or mirrors, I was drawn to a tutorial that helps you create a ghost-like image.

I found that using the clone tool alone is an important lesson, so actually creating the ghost will be featured on day 19:)

Here is the original of my husband and son walking the pipeline bridge in Richmond, VA.

Here is the image after removing the subjects and cloning the surrounding areas:


  1. I'm a big fan of the clone tool, though I use Arcsoft for a lot of what I do and haven't yet used PS for the same effect. In many ways, PS intimidates me. I use it for some things (mostly filters and 3D effects) and really need to jump that hurdle, though it may be a long time before I'm doing my thing only in PS and am not jumping back and forth between the two programs.

    Looking forward to seeing your ghost and love how you are encouraging me to delve a bit, to face my own ghosts, as it were. ;)