Monday, January 9, 2012

9. Simple Orton Effect for Dreamy Soft Focus Images

"In this tutorial I’m going to show you how I generally apply a soft focus trick known as the Orton Effect after it’s creator photographer Michael Orton. In the film days, this effect was achieved by overlaying two or more images of an identical scene with different exposures and focus on slide film. To do this, you had to use a tripod so your images would align perfectly.
Nowadays, you can achieve the same results with just a single image using Photoshop. This technique will add a vintage dream like feel to your images very suitable for portraits, weddings, landscapes and children photography."

I used this image I took of a sunset in Fishing Bay, VA:



  1. Beautiful image in the first place, but wow, how amazing with the soft focus.

  2. Thanks! I'm in love with this effect.

  3. for some reason my comment wouldn't show up yesterday~ this is a really cool effect, but i *love* the before image. those clouds!!!